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The Internet Global Summit - A Net Odyssey - Mobility and the Internet

The 11th Annual Internet Society Conference
5-8 June 2001 - Stockholmsmässan - Stockholm, Sweden

Preliminary Program

Greetings from the Program Committee

Welcome to INET 2001! The Internet is no longer a gray fluffy cloud on network topology diagrams. Parts of it are imploding as dotcoms disappear while other areas expand with new technological developments. At the same time, current technology mixes more in the daily lives of people, and more governments, businesses, and NGOs try to shape the path these developments are taking. The conference we have planned represents critical developments in all these areas.

INET 2001 is a unique event that brings together users, policy makers, and technologists. The program will comprise more than forty sessions, and will feature three plenary meetings covering some of the issues that concern all of us.

No other conference in the world attracts all components and forces that makes today's Internet: those who use it, those who steer it and those who build it! To reflect this, INET 2001 is structured into three Summits:

Welcome to INET 2001

It is my pleasure to welcome you to Stockholm and to INET 2001 -the Internet Society's 11th Annual INET Conference. Sweden and indeed Scandinavia are truly home to many of the most advanced developments in the wireless and mobile arenas.

The Internet continues to evolve at an astounding pace. In the eleven years since the first INET conference, the Internet has grown from an experimental technology originally used by a few in the research community to a tool that has penetrated even the furthest corners of the globe. For many of us it has become, in these few short years, an essential part of daily life. The theme of this year's conference, the mobile Internet, reflects this growth.

ISOC has played an important role in this remarkable evolution. Still, real chal-lenges remain. More than half of the world's population has never made a phone call, let alone connect to the Internet.

Throughout the world, the new medium has brought to the fore a host of important issues accompanied often by vigorous debate. Yet, it is through commu-nication and the spread of knowledge that we can eliminate the real and perceived differences that threaten to separate us, and the Internet empowers us in a way few would have dreamed possible just a few years ago.

The Internet Society strives to be at the forefront of the Internet sector, helping to guide a multi-faceted 'network' without imposing rules or regulation. INET 2001 will once again provide a setting where world-renowned leaders in the rapidly evolving world of the Internet will share their thoughts, as well as ambitions and expectations for the future.

In today's world, we are increasingly mobile in our businesses and in our private lives. Non-stop access to the Inter-net is an essential requirement for many professionals today and it is driving the exciting area of Mobile Internetworking.

Similarly, the Mobile Internet is assisting many diverse groups of people throughout the world as they move between homes, workplaces, and international destinations.

INET 2001 promises to be one of the most exciting events of the year, focusing on the critical issues surrounding mobility and the Internet. We have several prominent keynote speakers from leading industry and governing organiza-tions, and a stimulating array of presentations and panels.

The City of Stockholm, built on fourteen islands, shows it's most beautiful side in the month of June and you'll be delighted with nearly 20 hours of daylight.

We look forward to seeing you in Stockholm.

Barbara Fraser
INET 2001 Conference Co-Chair
Chief Strategy Office,
Cisco Systems, Inc.

Östen Frånberg
INET 2001 Conference Co-Chair
President, Swedish Chapter of
the Internet Society

I would like to thank all the dedicated volunteers and members who make INET possible: members of the Program Committee, Conference Committee, speakers, sponsors, participants and staff who contribute to making INET a success, many of them year after year.

I hope that you will join us in Stockholm for a stimulating conference, innovative social events and the legendary beauty of Scandinavia.

Lynn M. St. Amour
President/ CEO