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Platinum MembersMember Briefings are a publication of the Internet Society (ISOC) and are produced as a service to its members. All Member Briefings are copyrighted by ISOC and have been reviewed by a group of experts.

Supported by ISOC's Platinum Sponsors, they are developed with the assistance of ISOC experts from the business, academic and technical communities. These briefing papers briefly highlight some of the key issues in each topic area and discuss the possible implications for the Internet industry. Here are Guidelines for submitting a Briefing

We would appreciate your comments and views on each paper and on the series in general. Please direct your comments to

The Regional Internet Registries
Feb 2006, by the Number Resource Organization (NRO)

DNS Root Name Servers Frequently Asked Questions
Sep 2007, Version 2, by Daniel Karrenberg

DNS Root Name Servers Explained For Non-Experts
Sep 2007, Version 2, by Daniel Karrenberg

Internationalizing Top-Level Domain Names: Another Look
Sep 2004, by John Klensin

Why is SCTP needed given TCP and UDP are widely available?
Jun 2004, by Randall Stewart, Paul D. Amer

The Internet Domain Name System
Feb 2004, by Daniel Karrenberg

Wireless Location Privacy: Law and Policy in the U.S., EU and Japan
Nov 2003, by Linda Ackerman, James Kempf, Toshio Miki

IPv6: Necessary for Mobile and Wireless Internet
20 Jun 2003, by Alper Yegin, Carl Williams

Addressing the Digital Divide with IPv6-enabled Broadband Power Line Copmmunications
5 May 2003, by Jordi Palet

Establishment of global IPv6 address policies
7 Apr 2003, by Takashi Arano

Grid Computing
26 Feb 2003, by Brian Carpenter

The Regional Internet Registry Policy Development Process
9 Dec 2002

Instant Messaging and Presence on the Internet
11 Nov 2002, by Harald Alvestrand

Chilling Effects of the U.S. DMCA on Cryptographic Research
Date: Oct 2002, by Timothy D. Casey and Jeffrey L. Magenau

IPv6 in the Home Makes Sense
May 2002, by Aidan Williams, Brian Haberman, Roger Kermode

The Transition to IPv6
Jan 2002, by Eric Carmès

Open Pluggable Edge Services (OPES)
Dec 2001, by Sally Floyd and Leslie Daigle

IPv6 Implementation
Sep 2001, by Jim Bound

Scaling the Internet's Routing System
16 Aug 2001, by Geoff Huston

Universal Design for the Internet
6 Aug 2001, by Michael Burks and Cynthia Waddell

IPv6 and the Future of the Internet
23 July 2001, by Brian Carpenter