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China Professional Exchange Program


4-16 June 2000
Coordinated by Liya International Professional Exchange Programs

ISOC Delegation to China

Professional Meetings and Cultural Program
Liya International Professional Travel Programs
June 4 - 17, 2000
Delegation Leader - Mr. Tony Yustein


June 4 Sunday

  • Delegates arrive in Beijing.

June 5 Monday

June 6 Tuesday

  • Attend Beijing Internet 2000 conference, Beijing International Convention Center.
    • Keynote speech by leaders of the Ministry of Information Industry of PRC
    • The present situation and prospects of the development of information industry in China
    • Development of the Internet in China and its related policies
    • The present situation and prospects of the Internet in the world
    • Impact of the Internet on China and the world in the 21st century
    • The main trend of communication information technology in the 21st century
    • Establishment of laws and regulations on the Internet and its related system.
    • Prosperous growth of government/enterprises/families connection to the Internet

June 7 Wednesday

  • Official meeting with officials of Ministry of Information or other meetings by individual arrangement of delegates.
  • Attend Beijing Internet 2000 conference, Beijing International Convention Center.
    • The Internet exchange centers under construction and their development
    • Infrastructure/standards of the next generation Internet
    • Transition to broad-band IP for the traditional telecommunication operational network
    • General trend of network merging
    • Next generation networking and its services
    • Application and development of IP networking
    • Building the Internet solution/broad-band network at telecommunication level
    • Building new type of value-increasing telecommunication businesses based on IP technology
  • Evening - Beijing Opera

June 8 Thursday

  • Attend Beijing Internet 2000 conference, Beijing International Convention Center.
    • Comprehensive environment in building e-commerce in China
    • Exploration on e-commerce model appropriate to Chinese conditions
    • Policies on network development and its security
    • Internet and protection of intellectual property rights
    • Software infrastructure in building e-commerce application systems
    • All-in-one services of the Internet
    • Venture investment and model of business operation
    • Individual e-commerce
  • Meetings by individual arrangement.
  • Evening - Beijing Roast Duck Dinner.

June 9 Friday

  • Attend Beijing Internet 2000 conference, Beijing International Convention Center.
    • Prospect of development of wireless networking in China
    • Mobile data communication
    • Third-generation mobile communication/individual mobile information system
    • Broad prospects of information home appliances in China
    • Present development and challenges of connection network
    • Evolution of VoIP services in China
    • WAP technology and its prospect
    • Virtual network - building of network enterprises
  • Visit to Beijing University of Post and Telecommunication, ChinaNet, or Beijing Telecom.
  • Visit to the Forbidden City.
  • Evening meetings as arranged by delegates.

June 10 Saturday

  • Sightseeing to the Great Wall.
  • Delegates depart for Xian.


June 11 Sunday

  • Visit to the Terra Cotta Warriors Museum, Grand Wild Goose Pagoda and City Wall.

June 12 Monday

  • Visit Shaanxi Provincial Institute of Post and Telecommunications.
  • Meeting with Chinese counterparts from various sectors of Internet and telecom
  • Evening - specialty dumpling dinner.

June 13 Tuesday

  • Visit to provincial museum.
  • Flights to Shanghai or Tianjin.

NOTE: The delegation splits at this point with some continuing on to Tianjin and others to Shanghai. Separate itineraries follow.


June 13 Tuesday

  • Delegation arrives in Tianjin.

June 14 Wednesday

  • Meetings with local Chinese from high-tech enterprises.
  • Meetings at incubator center where 100 startup high-tech companies have been established.
  • Lunch with invited guests from high-tech enterprises.
  • Visit to Tianjin's gardens.

June 15 Thursday

  • Attend the China International Forum on E-Commerce (detailed schedule provided to attendees).
  • Evening conference reception and dinner.

June 16 Friday

  • Attend the China International Forum on E-Commerce (detailed schedule provided to attendees).
  • Delegates depart for Beijing.

June 17 Saturday

  • Delegation departs for international destinations.


June 13 Tuesday

  • Delegation arrives in Shanghai.

June 14 Wednesday

  • Meeting with Shanghai Telecom Authority.
  • Visit to Shanghai Municipal Administration of Telecommunications or Shanghai Telecom: Shanghai's division of China's primary telecom infrastructure provider.
  • Meeting with Shanghai Online (primary ISP in Shanghai). Shanghai Online ( is the leading Shanghai ISP and a joint venture with the local branch of China's Ministry of Information Industry. In addition to being a consumer focused ISP, Shanghai Online also provides basic Internet infrastructure services.
  • Evening - Acrobatic show

June 15 Thursday

  • Sightseeing at the Bund, Old Town and Yu Garden or optional visit to Fudan University
  • Visit to the Jade Buddha Temple
  • Visit to a children's palace
  • Farewell banquet

June 16 Friday

  • Delegation departs for international destinations.

Please Note: This schedule is an initial representation of the professional meetings being planned. The actual meetings may be modified to benefit the individual specific professional interests of the delegation members.