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Frequently Asked Questions

What is PIR's Relationship with ISOC ?

As stated in the bid, ISOC formed a separate not-for-profit corporation, PIR, to carry out the registry functions. PIR is solely controlled by ISOC and ISOC appointed its board of directors. This is to ensure that ISOC will be able to select Board members who are willing and able to carry out the commitments contained in ISOC's application and who share ISOC's vision for enhanced registry services and ensuring a global home for noncommercial entities on the Internet.

If this proposal is accepted by ICANN, ISOC proposes to form a not-for-profit corporation, referred to in this proposal as "Public Interest Registry" or "PIR." PIR will be solely controlled by ISOC, will enter into the registry management agreement with ICANN, and will carry out the registry functions.

Public Interest Registry will operate as a fully separate corporation from ISOC. When operational, at least a majority of its officers and directors will be separate from those of ISOC. ISOC will have the sole power to appoint PIR's directors, who will in turn appoint and hire PIR's officers.

Is ISOC's President on the PIR Board ?

ISOC's president serves on the PIR board as an Ex-Officio ISOC liaison, not a director. This essentially means that the president will attend the Board meetings and provide necessary input from/to ISOC but does not have voting capacity.

Is PIR an Independent Entity ?

PIR is a separate and independent entity. PIR has been incorporated separately in Pennsylvania as a not-for-profit corporation. By the laws of Pennsylvania, the Board of Directors of PIR has full authority over the operations of the company. Although ISOC has the legal right to appoint PIR' s board, that does not diminish the legal rights and obligations of the PIR board. ISOC does have a liaison to the PIR board, but this is a non-voting post. There is no other overlap between the two boards.


  • Gerry Barañano
  • Frode Griesen
  • Lawrence Landweber
  • Alan Levin, Treasurer
  • Andy Linton, Secretary
  • David W. Maher, Chairman
  • Marc Rotenberg
  • Lynn St.Amour, Ex-officio ISOC liaison