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INET 2000 18-21 July 2000 Yokohama, Japan

The Internet Global Summit - Global Distributed Intelligence for Everyone

The 10th Annual Internet Society Conference
18-21 July 2000
Pacifico Yokohama Conference Center
Yokohama, Japan

Network Training Workshop

Special thanks to the following people who contributed to making NTW 2000 a success:

  • Honza Jirousek
  • Brian Candler, World Online UK Ltd.
  • Veaceslav Revutchi, DNT Association
  • Gihan Dias, Lanka Education and Research Network (LEARN)
  • William Tevie, Network Computer Systems
  • Geert Jan de Groot, Berkeley Software Design, Inc.
  • Alan Barrett, Cequrux
  • Abha Ahuja, InterNAP
  • Cindy Hao Xin
  • Bert Stals, M&I STELVIO
  • George Munroe, UNITE Solutions Limited
  • Jill Foster, University of Newcastle
  • Dave Hartland, University of Newcastle
  • Geoff Huston, Telstra
  • Nur Zincir-Heywood, Dokuz Eylul University
  • David Conrad, Internet Software Consortium
  • Barbara Fraser, Cisco Systems
  • Philip Smith, Cisco Systems
  • Ambrose Martin Robert Magee, RIPE Network Coordination Centre-RIPE NCC RIPE Reseaux IP Europeens
  • William B. Norton, Equinix
  • Philippe Regnauld, Copenhagen Kingdom Hospital-Rigshospitalet
  • Jacques Guidon, University of Nantes & INRIA
  • Yves Legrandgerard, Université Paris 7
  • Jean-Luc Parouty, IMAG/CNRS
  • Luc Saccavini, INRIA Rhone-Alpes
  • Eric Stevance, AFRIBONE MALI
  • Alan Greenberg
  • Luis Siles, McGill University
  • Rosi Stevenson, UUNET SA
  • Suguru Yamaguchi, KEIO University
  • Osamu Nakamura, KEIO University
  • Yasuo Tsuchimoto, KEIO University
  • Alexander Frericks, KEIO University
For Countries in the Early Stages of Internetworking
9-16 July 2000
Pour les pays en voie de développement
9-16 Juillet 2000
WALC 2000
III Taller sobre Tecnología de Redes e Internet para América Latina y el Caribe
10-15 Julio 2000
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