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INET 2000 18-21 July 2000 Yokohama, Japan

The Internet Global Summit - Global Distributed Intelligence for Everyone

The 10th Annual Internet Society Conference
18-21 July 2000
Pacifico Yokohama Conference Center
Yokohama, Japan

Plenary Speakers

Dr. Ken-ichi Ohmae

Described as "Mr. Strategy" worldwide, Dr. Kenichi Ohmae is regularly sought out as a public speaker and management consultant. He is also known as the creator of the framework of the borderless economy. As an author he has published over 70 books, many of which are devoted to business and socio-political analyses. He has also contributed numerous articles to major publications (e.g., Wall Street Journal, Harvard Business Review, Foreign Affairs, Los Angeles Times). The Mind of Strategist (McGraw-Hill), Triad Power (Free Press), Beyond National Borders (Dow Jones Irwin), The Borderless World (Harper Business), The End of the Nation State (Free Press), The Evolving Global Economy (editor, Harvard Business School Press) are among the most popular of his books printed in English.

For a period of twenty-three years, Dr. Ohmae was a partner in McKinsey & Company, Inc., the international management consulting firm. As a co-founder of its strategic management practice, he has served companies in a wide spectrum of industries, including industrial and consumer electronics, financial institutions, telecommunications, office equipment, photographic equipment, industrial machinery, food, rubber, and chemicals. His special area of expertise is formulating creative strategies and developing the organizational concepts to implement them both for private and public sectors. Some of Japan's most famous and internationally successful companies continue to seek his help in shaping their competitive strategies. Likewise, his counsel is also much in demand among Asian, European and North American-based multinational and governmental institutions. He has also played a vital role in assisting Asian Governments to develop future-oriented regional strategies.

Dr. Kenichi Ohmae is the founder of "Reform of Heisei," a citizen's political movement established on November 25, 1992 to promote and catalyze the fundamental reform of Japan's political and administrative systems. Dr. Ohmae is also founder and Managing Director of the Ohmae & Associates, JASDICK (a software development house in joint venture with three Indian companies), Plat Home (an internet Platform for homes), Business Breakthrough (an interactive satellite television for the broadcasting business). He is also Dean of two private schools in Tokyo: Isshinjuku on public policy and Attacker's Advantage on entrepreneurship. In January 1997, he joined the UCLA School of Public and Social Research Chancellor's Professor of Public Policy. He currently serves as a councilor and a director of the Bond University, on the boards of The SEI (Center for Advanced Studies for Management) of The Wharton School at University of Pennsylvania, and also as an advisor of Nike, Inc.

Dr. Ohmae attended Waseda University (BS), the Tokyo Institute of Technology (MS), and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (Ph.D. in Nuclear Engineering). Prior to joining McKinsey, he worked for Hitachi as a senior design engineer on Japan's prototype fast breeder reactor. He received an honorary doctorate from Notre Dame University in 1995.

He now resides in Tokyo with his wife, Jeannette, and two sons, who share his spare-time interest in music, sailing, motorcycles, and scuba diving.

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