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INET 2000 18-21 July 2000 Yokohama, Japan

The Internet Global Summit - Global Distributed Intelligence for Everyone

The 10th Annual Internet Society Conference
18-21 July 2000
Pacifico Yokohama Conference Center
Yokohama, Japan

Plenary Schedule

*********WEDNESDAY, 19 JULY **********


Conference Recognition

Sponsor Appreciation

Awarding of 2000 Jon Postel Award

  • Geoff Houston, Chairman of the Board, Internet Society; Telstra, Australia,

Board of Trustees Acknowledgements

Plenary Panel: "Open Source Movement"



The scientific movement has grown out of a culture of gifts - scientists publish their results in order to gain visibility and fame - and the Internet, as well as the free source code movement, have grown on a similar basis. Launched in 1985 by Richard Stallman, (GNU), the free source code movement has blossomed into a broad front of projects best exemplified by the stunning success of Linux, the Unix-like kernel launched by Linus Torvalds in 1991. It is now challenging Microsoft's Windows NT in the server business and is poised to invade the desktop as well. Some call Linux the Internet Operating System and this is twice true: it could not have existed without the Internet and a lot of machines that are making up the Internet run on Linux. Apache, another free source code software, powers nearly half of all Internet servers in the world. This panel will discuss how these two gigantic communities are rapidly merging into one huge, new development that may be the real basis for the new net economy.

*********THURSDAY, 20 JULY **********

Plenary Panel: "The Future of the Internet Layer"



As the Internet continues to grow, there are increasing stresses and strains on some of its foundations, such as the original numeric addressing space and the underlying assumption of transparent communications. The expected arrival of millions of wireless devices, and expansion to new, very populous regions of the world, will maintain or increase these stresses for several decades to come. The Internet technical community has been aware of this issue for at least seven years and has carried out various studies and new developments including Classless Interdomain Routing, Network Address Translation and IPv6. The panel will discuss all this and more, and attempt to discern where we are headed next.

Keynote: The Explosive Growth of the Internet

  • John Chambers, President/CEO, Cisco Systems, Inc., United States

*********FRIDAY, 21 JULY **********

Invitation to INET 2001

ISOC in Review

  • Lynn St. Amour, Executive Director, Internet Society, Switzerland,

Network Training Workshop for Countries in the Early Stages of Networking

  • George Sadowsky, Vice President of Education, Internet Society; New York University, United States,

ThinkQuest 2000

Keynote: Dr. Ken-ichi Ohmae, Japan

Speaker: David Farber, Chief Technology Officer, Federal Communications Commission, United States

Global Access for Everyone (GEA): Review and Results

Closing of INET 2000