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The Internet Global Summit - A Net Odyssey - Mobility and the Internet

The 11th Annual Internet Society Conference
5-8 June 2001 - Stockholmsmässan - Stockholm, Sweden

Technology Summit: Application Technologies Thread

Chairpersons:Erik Huizer, Dutch Broadcast Services Corporation <>; Patrik Fälström, Cisco Systems <>

Regardless of how much money goes into the fixed or wireless infrastructure, its the applications that make the Net. The developments that are taking place in the field of applications are at the same time going at an incredible speed as well as very slow. The speed is visible in the new versions and plug-ins for browsers that appear almost every day. Slow, in that e-mail is still very much like it was 10 years ago, and in that we still have no universal solution for a secure Internet. All in all there is much to be said about applications and security, and that is what this thread is all about. The thread aims at a very condensed overview of some of the exiting developments in a few selected fields. Ranging from Classical e-mail and security to trendy applications like Video and Location aware applications.

AP1 Wed 6 11:00-12:30
Go get it! Metadata helps in finding information.
With the growth of the Internet and the amount of information on the Net, finding information through simple mamoth centralised search engines that index static information is showing its limitations. More and more of the information is not in textual format but in graphics, video or audio format, or in databases or digital object repositories, so current indexing approaches don't work. Instead, we need to attach metadata to objects and their identifiers, and to have ways of gathering this metadata to support information discovery applications. This session will survey the status of a range of work in these areas.
Moderator: Clifford Lynch, CNI Coalition for Networked Information, Usa, <> [SO, S]
Panelists:     Title of Presentation
Leslie Daigle, Thinking Cat Enterprises, Canada, <> [P] Get to it! -- identifiers, resolution and metadata
Thomas Baker, GMD, Germany <> [P] What is it? -- metadata and the Dublin Core
Clifford Lynch, CNI Coalition for Networked Information, USA, <> [SO, S] Getting it together -- metadata harvesting and the open archives initiative
AP2 Wed 6 14:00-15:30
Where am I and who's with me?
Location dependent services increase in popularity when consumers start to be able to access Internet from more than one location, and even from devices that move, like cellular phones. Some traditional web-based services today ask the user to enter the location of the user which accesses the service. Why is not that information entered automatically? How to merge the need for geographic information being sent to services while keeping a strong view on privacy and integrity issues? This session will discuss the benefits and downsides with geographic information being part of services on the Internet.
Chair: Patrik Fältström, Cisco Systems <> [PC, SC]
Speakers:     Title of Presentation:
Ulrich Walther, International University Bruchsal, [S] LocaPhone - Location aware group communication for mobile groups
Prabuddha Biswas, Oracle Corporation <> [S] Location Based Visibility of Services
Haitao Tang, Nokia <> [S] Interoperability Issues for Geo-Information in the Internet
AP3 Thu 7 11:00-12:30 -
Now playing on your home network! Video distribution over the Internet
Distributing video over the Internet is the most quoted killer app for broadband Internet infrastructures. However video distribution requires caravel engineering. Careful network design and clever distribution are needed to minimize delay and jitter. Intelligent compression algorithms are needed to generate quality video over not-so-broadband local loops. This session explores these issues in depth.
Chair: Erik Huizer, Dutch Broadcast Services Corporationy, The Netherlands, A5 [PC, SC]
Speakers:   Title of Presentation:
Sofia Melesko, Skanova, Sweden <> [S] Scandinavian Media Exchange
Rob Lanphier, Real Networks, USA <>, [S] Real 8
Jan van der Meer, Philips, The Netherlands <> [S] On MPEG4 streaming
AP4 Thu 7 14:00-15:30
On-line Gaming
Lately we have seen a number of new ideas being discussed: peer 2 peer communication, bandwidth and delay constraints, community building, presence information services, localization.. For the game community these issues are not new, but instead all needed in various degrees for an online game. This session will describe how an online game uses the Internet, and why some of the issues listed above is more important than others.
Chair: Ragnar Lönn, Gatorhole, <> [SC]
Speakers:   Title of Presentation:
Dr. Magnus Jandel, Terraplay Systems <> [S] A new network infrastructure for multiplayer gaming
Sven Hålling, CEO, It's Alive <> [S] Building entertainment applications and games: "pervasive mobile gaming"
AP5 Thu 7 16:00-17:30
Safe surfing. Security issues
Security has been an issue on the Internet since its conception in the early seventies. There is still no single security "solution" and the amount of dangers seems to increase. This session presents some new developments in various security areas.
Chair: Ran Atkinson Extreme Networks USA [SC]
Speakers:   Title of Presentation:
Göran Selander, Ericsson Research, [S] Object Security and Personal Information Management
Scott A. Isaacson, Novell Inc. , [S] Single Sign On - Scalable Authentication for Large Scale Secure Networks
Noria Foukia, University of Geneva, [S] Intrusion detection with mobile agents
Senthil Sengodan, Nokia , [S] On Securing Home Networks
AP6 Fri 8 9:00-10:30
Instant, reliable, unified, secure, wireless, volume, multi-media messaging
Internet mail has been in operation for more than 25 years and has scaled nearly 100,000 orders of magnitude with no major changes to its basic architecture. The demands of global commerce are forcing a wide range of enhancements to be pursued. Should major changes begin with a new technology base, or can existing Internet mail continue to evolve and incorporate requirements for quality of service (such as "instant" delivery), voice/fax/mail integration, legal security, multi-million recipient volumes, and more? This session will explore these demands and the activities underway to satisfy them. Some of the news is excellent. Some is not.
Chair: Dave Crocker, Brandenburg InternetWorking <> [SO, S]
Speakers:   Title of Presentation:
Dave Crocker, Brandenburg InternetWorking <> [SC, S] Millenial Mail: Continuity and Evolution
Claudio Allocchio, GARR, Italy <> [S] Adding email emulation of established business quality
Graham Klyne, Baltimore Technologies, UK <> [S] Email as the Cinderella protocol?

[PC] PC member
[S] Speaker
[P] Panelist
[PM] Panel Moderator
[SO] Session Organizer
[SC] Session Chair
[D] Demonstrator
[DA] Demonstration Assistant
[KS] KeyNote speaker
[KP] KeyNote panelist