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The Internet Global Summit - A Net Odyssey - Mobility and the Internet

The 11th Annual Internet Society Conference
5-8 June 2001 - Stockholmsmässan - Stockholm, Sweden

Technology Summit: Infrastructure Technologies Thread

Chairpersons: Scott Bradner, Harvard University <>; Franck Boissiere, European Commission <>

The new millennium is probably opening a new era for the underlying infrastructure of the Internet. Not only is the transmission and switching capacity being multiplied by several orders, but also the IP technology is likely to become a key component of the converged telecommunication core systems. This thread addresses several of the key issues associated with these new challenges such as new approaches for routing, quality or service and network engineering or mastering the mix of wireless and wireline Internet.

IN1 Wed 6 16:00-17:30
Internet Dynamics and IP in 3GPP
This session includea 4 papers on various aspects of measuring the dynamics of the Internet, the effects of the dynamic nature of the Net and the impact of TCP performance on user perception. In addition there will be one paper about the use of IP protocols in 3rd generation cellular networks.
Chair: Scott Bradner, Harvard University <> [PC, SC]
Speakers: Title of Presentation
Attila Pasztor, Ericsson Hungary R&D, [S] High Precision Active Probing for Internet Measurement
Suyoung Yoon, Korea Telecom, [S] Reliable Multicast Considering the Temporal Dependence in Packet Loss)
Zsolt Kenesi, Ericsson Research, Hungaria, [S] On the Impact of TCP Protocol on End-User Perceived Traffic Self-Similarity
Scott Guthery, Mobile-Mind, Inc. [S] Internet Protocols on the 3GPP SIM
IN2 Thu 7 11:00-12:30
New Approaches to Internet Routing
The rapid expansion of the Internet challenges the capacity and stability of the global routing system; the number of distinct inter-AS routes (96,907 at 12/2/01) grows exponentially, convergence times increase, and route flapping and other instabilities appear more often. At the same time, the routing system is asked to take on additional roles in ISP policy enforcement, traffic engineering, and support for the emerging wireless and mobile Internet. This session presents some of the most promising new approaches to solving these problems
Moderator: Lyman Chapin, NextHop Technologies, USA, <> [SO, PM]
Howard C. Berkowitz, Nortel Networks, USA <> [P]
Susan Hares, Chairman and CTO, NextHop Technologies USA <> [P]
Frank Kastenholz, Unisphere Networks, USA <> [P]
IN3 Thu 7 14:00-15:30
Internet Performance and Quality of Service
This session explores the full range of Internet performance from the restraints of bandwidth limited networks to very high speed research networks. It also includes descriptions of two approaches to supporting predictable quality of service in challenging environments.
Chair: Scott Bradner, Harvard University <> [PC, SC]
Speakers: Title of Presentation:
Bindignavile S. Srinivas, NOKIA, [S] QoS enabled Layered Multicast Transmission of Multimedia Data in a Wireless Environment.
Gihan V. Dias, Lanka Education and Research Network, [S] Providing cost-effective Internet access: The LEARN experience
Hemant M. Chaskar, Nokia Research Center, [S] MPLS and DiffServ for UMTS QoS Support in Core Network
IN4 Thu 7 16:00-17:30
Internet Management
This session combines papers about understanding how to measure MPLS-based traffic engineering and the resulting quality of service, describing an innovative way to manage and represent wide area networks, and discussing Performance management of IP based wireless networks.
Chair: Franck Boissiere, European Commission, <> [PC, SC]
Speakers: Title of Presentation:
Sandor Albrecht, Ericsson Research, Hungary, <> [S] Performance management of IP based wireless networks
Veaceslav Sidorenco, Technical University of Moldova,, [S] Wide Area Networks Management with Geoinformation and 3D Presentation of Objects under Management
Tamrat Bayle, Hiroshima University, [S] Performance Measurements of MPLS Traffic Engineering and QoS
IN5 Fri 8 9:00- 10:30
Aspects of Wireless Networking
This session includes a discussion of the use of the emerging Bluetooth personal area networking standard and a examination of the issues in securing wireless access networks.
Chair: Franck Boissiere, European Commission, <> [PC, SC]
Speakers: Title of Presentation:
Maximilian Riegel, Siemens AG , Germany, [S] Network access control for wireless LANs
Per Johansson, Ericsson Corporate Research, Sweden, [S] Ad-hoc IP Networks over Bluetooth
Ram Gopal, Nokia Networks, USA, [S] On IP Radio Access Network (RAN) Security

[PC] PC member
[S] Speaker
[P] Panelist
[PM] Panel Moderator
[SO] Session Organizer
[SC] Session Chair
[D] Demonstrator
[DA] Demonstration Assistant
[KS] KeyNote speaker
[KP] KeyNote panelist