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The Internet Global Summit - A Net Odyssey - Mobility and the Internet

The 11th Annual Internet Society Conference
5-8 June 2001 - Stockholmsmässan - Stockholm, Sweden

Technology Summit: Mobility Technologies Thread

Chairpersons: Gabriel Montenegro, Sun <> ; Steinar Dalin, Ericsson <>

This thread attempts to look out the mobility landscape. It being a sparse landscape, we will be somewhat limited. Five sessions explore in different styles and in different themes. We will have futuristic visions, and looks at themes like IPv6 and optimization mechanisms. We will shift our attention from the core of the network to the devices and how to serve content to them, finalizing with a session on operator perspectives. The focus is on wide-area uses of wireless technologies, such as we see in 2.5G and 3G, although, in conjunction with these, local area wireless will also be discussed.

MO1 Wed 6 11:00-12:30
Mobility: Setting the scene and Outrageous opinions panel
We invite one of the original thinkers in computer science to share with us his vision of what the implications with respect to service architectures may be in this new wireless world. This session finishes with a very interesting and controversial panel which questions the need for wireless research.
Moderator: Gabriel Montenegro, Sun, <> [PC, SC]
Speaker:     Title of Presentation
Randy Katz, UC Berkeley, USA, <> [SC, S] Internet services in the context of mobile wireless networks
Panel Moderator:  
Adam Wolisz, Technische Universität Berlin <> [PM] Why waste money on mobile Internet research?
Holger Karl, Technische Universität Berlin, <> [P]
Jochen Schiller, Freie Universität Berlin <> [P]
Theo Kanter, Ericsson Research <> [P]
Petri Mahonen, University of Oulu, <> [P]
MO2 Wed 6 14:00-15:30
IPv6 and the wireless world
Mobile IP has received tremendous attention from the cellular telephony industry for use in the next generation networks. These papers explore remaining issues and scenarios in its deployment, with particular attention to IPv6.
Chair: Latif Ladid, Ericsson-Telebit, <> [SC]  
Speakers:     Title of Presentation:
JIAN MA, R&D,NOKIA(China), [S] Mobile IPv6 and some issues for QoS
Zach D. Shelby, University of Oulu, [S] Cellular IPv6 with Route Optimization
Ulf Gustafson, ipUnplugged AB, [S] Network Design with Mobile IP
MO3 Wed 6 16:00-17:30
Tweaking the Networks
The use of IP technologies in cellular networks requires judicious application of different optimizations. Here are some thoughts on how to better adopt IP technologies.
Moderators: Randy Katz, UC Berkeley, USA, <> [SC, S]
Panelists:   Title of Presentation:
Göran AP Eriksson, Ericsson Research, [S] An Internet inspired approach to conversational multimedia in 3G cellular networks
Reiner Ludwig, Ericsson Research, [S] TCP Performance in High Data Rate Wireless Environments
John W. Noerenberg, Qualcomm Incorporated, [S] Marrying Wireless Technologies)
Senthil Sengodan, Nokia, USA, <> [S] Use of RSIP within GPRS Networks
MO4 Thu 7 16:00-17:30
Serving Mobile devices
Supporting mobile devices over IP networks requires careful consideration in terms of content adaptation, privacy and security formats, and, in general, in terms of what the 'wireless internet' is.
Moderators: Mikael Nilsson, Ericsson, Sweden, <> [SC]
Panelists:   Title of Presentation:
Björn Landfeldt, Ericsson Research, [S] Mobile Aware Server Architecture, MARCH
Alberto Escudero Pascual <>, KTH, Sweden [S] Location Privacy in Mobile Internet
Matthew S. Hamrick, Meson Group, [S] Trust Models, Certificate Formats, Authorization, Access Control for Light-Weight Wireless Networked Devices
Johan Hjelm, Ericsson Research Japan, [S] WAP NG and iMode 2: Convergence effects on services
MO5 Fri 8 9:00-10:30
Operator Perspective
The operators have the daunting task of deploying cellular technologies that use IP technology. This session discusses operational considerations and experiences.
Moderators: Steinar Dahlin, Ericsson, <> [PC, SC]
Panelists:   Title of Presentation:
Julia Kantorovitch, University of Oulu, [S] Wireless SNMP
Lars-Michael Jogbäc, Tele2,, [S] GPRS & UMTS from a Internet operator perspective
Jan Karmakar, Telia, <>[S] Mobile Internet from the Operator perspective

[PC] PC member
[S] Speaker
[P] Panelist
[PM] Panel Moderator
[SO] Session Organizer
[SC] Session Chair
[D] Demonstrator
[DA] Demonstration Assistant
[KS] KeyNote speaker
[KP] KeyNote panelist