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The Internet Global Summit - A Net Odyssey - Mobility and the Internet

The 11th Annual Internet Society Conference
5-8 June 2001 - Stockholmsmässan - Stockholm, Sweden

Technology Summit: Plenary Sessions

Chairperson: François Fluckiger, CERN,

This thread gathers two technology-oriented plenary sessions. Plenary belonging to the USE or GOV summits are not reported here.

PL1-T Wed 6 9:15-10:30
The Interplanetary Internet: The Next Frontier in Mobility [PANEL]
This session, under the umbrella of the "Interplanetary Internet" task of the U.S. Next Generation Internet initiative, brings together experts from the terrestrial Internet and space communications communities to present a top level overview of the challenges associated with taking the Earth's Internet "off-planet" to support the highly mobile expansion of human Intelligence throughout the Solar System. It is intended to be an executive summary of the highly focused INET 2001 Technical Tutorial No. 12 on the same subject. Panel chairman Dr. Vint Cerf will describe the overall concept and rationale for the project and key members of the Interplanetary Internet Research Group will discuss challenges associated with infusing the technologies into future space missions.
Moderator: Vinton G. Cerf, WorldCom <> [SC, P]
Panelists:     Title of Presentation
Vinton G. Cerf, WorldCom <> [SC, P] Introduction and Overview
Adrian J. Hooke, Jet Propulsion Laboratory <> [P] Future space mission scenarios
Mr. Robert Durst The MITRE Corporation U.S.A.<> [P] In-situ Internets
Scott Burleigh, NASA Jet Propulsion Laborator, <> [P] Interplanetary Backbone
Eric Travis Global Science and Technology, Inc, <> [P] Interplanetary Dialog
PL2-T Thu 7 9:00-9:30
Keynote presentation [PRESENTATION]
Chair: Francois Fluckiger, CERN, [PC, PM]  
Mr. Hċkan Eriksson, Head of Research at Ericsson [KS]
PL2-T Thu 7 9:30-10:30
Future Wired and Wireless Infrastructure: The challenge of the IP convergence [PANEL]
This panel will discuss the technology challenges and issues of building a converged telecommunications infrastructure, including: the architectural model and the role of IP convergence, the IP routing and addressing aspects, the role of optical networking.
Moderators: Brian Carpenter, IBM, [SC], François Fluckiger, CERN [PC, PM]
Bernard Sales, Alcatel [P]  
Dr. Helmut Schink, Vice President, Information and Communication Networks Siemens AG [P]  
Dr. Mats Nilsson Corporate Director, Ericsson  
Dr. Vinton G. Cerf, Senior Vice President, WorldCom Corporation [P]  
Mr. Ove.L. Alm, CTO, Skanova, Telia Networks [P]  
Dr. Thomas LaPorta, Lucent [P]  

[PC] PC member
[S] Speaker
[P] Panelist
[PM] Panel Moderator
[SO] Session Organizer
[SC] Session Chair
[D] Demonstrator
[DA] Demonstration Assistant
[KS] KeyNote speaker
[KP] KeyNote panelist