Copyright (c) 1994, Internet Society. All rights reserved

INET'94, the Annual Conference of the Internet Society

in conjunction with the 5th Joint European Networking Conference (JENC5)

Prague, Czech Republic, 13-17 June 1994

Jointly organized by the Internet Society (ISOC) and Réseaux Associés pour la Recherche Européenne (RARE)

Papers from INET 94

Conference Sponsors

Conference Contributors

Conference Committee:
Geoff Manning, Independent Consultant, UK (Chair)
Marieke Dekker, RARE, The Netherlands, (Co-ordination and Assistance)
Elizabeth Barnhart, EDUCOM, USA (Co-ordination and Assistance)
Han Gruntorád, CVUT, Czech Rupublic (Local Organizers)
Ingrid Ledererová, CVUT, Czech Rupublic (Local Organizers)
Larry Landweber, Univ. of Wisconsin, USA (Internet Society Liaison)
Tomaz Kalin, RARE, The Netherlands (RARE Liaison)
Bernhard Plattner (Programme Committee Liaison)
George Sadowsky, Ney York University, USA (Workshop Liaison)
Programme Committee:
Bernhard Plattner, ETH Zürich, Switzerland (Chair)
Hannes Lubich, SWITCH, Switzerland (Co-chair)
Judith Kiers, RARE, The Netherlands (Co-ordination & Assistance)
B.R. Plattner
J.P.A. Kiers
A.M. Rutkowski (html version)