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Appendix E: ISOC School Networking Colloquium at INET'95 [Up]

Appendix E: ISOC School Networking Colloquium at INET'95

Networking for schools is one of the crucial aspects of the emerging Global Information Infrastructure. This year, INET will host a unique 1-day pre-conference on Monday, 26 June 1995 School Networking Colloquium to address this issue from an international perspective and consider ideas for future ISOC activities to support and accelerate school networking around the world.

The ISOC School Networking Colloquium will be a highly-interactive program. It will be based on brief presentations to stimulate thinking, followed by discussion and question & answer sessions with expert panelists and all colloquium participants. Plenary and breakout sessions will address the role of networking in schools, Internet technology for schools, educational applications of the Internet, and supporting educators' use of the Internet. The colloquium agenda will allow an opportunity for conversation and discussion inside and outside the sessions.

Planning Committee

David Lassner, University of Hawaii, (david@hawaii.edu)
Kathy Rutkowski, NetTeach News, (kmr@chaos.com)
Jodi-Ann Ito, University of Hawaii, (jodi@hawaii.edu)
Sharen Arakaki, Hawaii State Dept. of Education (sharen@kalama.doe.hawaii.edu)