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INET'95 Hypermedia Proceedings was a LIVE proceedings. The contents may be updated and improved through continuous research efforts of authors.

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All papers in Hypermedia Proceedings are displayed in the order of "Table of Contents". You can visit "previous" and/or "Next" paper by clicking on [Previous] and [Next] buttons. Click on [Up] to return to the Table of Contents.
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[Paper may show the full paper in HTML or ASCII text. If [Paper is not clickable, the server does not have it.
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[Paper may show the full paper in PostScript, which is the same as in the hardcopy proceedings. If [Paper is not clickable, the server does not have it.
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If you find [Video Demo] button, you can enjoy the video submission by its author(s).
When you'd rather like to listen to computer reading the abstract, please click on . [.. by computer] means computer synthesized voice, and [.. by author] means the author's voice.
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