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INET'95 Conference Plenary Sessions

INET'95 Conference Plenary Sessions


Plenary Sessions

Wednesday, 28 June 1995

8:30-10:30 L1. Opening Plenary Session

Chair: Eric Schmidt (schmidt@eng.sun.com)
  1. From Conference Chair
    Eric Schmidt (schmidt@eng.sun.com)
  2. From Governor of Hawaii
    Benjamin J. Cayetano
  3. From Internet Society
    Vint Cerf (cerf@isoc.org)
    Larry Landweber (lhl@cs.wisc.edu)
  4. From Program Chairs
    Kilnam Chon (chon@cosmos.kaist.ac.kr)
    Dan Lynch (dlynch@interop.com)
  5. Note on Conference Proceedings
    Kilnam Chon (chon@cosmos.kaist.ac.kr)
  6. Keynote Speech: The Global Telecommunication Infrastructure and the Information Society
    Jean Jipguep, ITU (JEAN.JIPGUEP@itu.ch)

Thursday, 29 June 1995

8:30-10:30 L2. INET Plenary Session

Chair: David Lassner (david@oit.hawaii.edu)
  1. Keynote Speech: The Evolution and Revolution of the Web
    Tim Berners-Lee, W3C (timbl@w3.org)
  2. INET Panel : Network Security: Do You Know Who's Breaking in Right Now?
    Moderator: Gage, John (Sun)
    Panelist: Patrick, John (IBM)
    Panelist: Giordano, Rose Ann (DEC)
    Panelist: Shimomura, Tsutomu (SDSC)
    Panelist: Cerf, Vint (MCI)
    Panelist: Best, Reginald (3COM)

Friday, 30 June 1995

10:30-12:30 L3. Closing Plenary Session

Chair: Dan Lynch (dlynch@interop.com)
  1. Keynote Speech: Economic Opportunity Along the Information Superhighway
    Jonathan Sallet, DoC, USA
  2. Keynote Speech : Internet and Consumer Electronics: Proposed Scenario for Internet Becoming Third Media after Telephone and Television
    Kazuhiko Nishi, ASCII, Japan (nishi@ascii.co.jp)
  3. INET'96
    Andy Bjerring, CANARIE, Canada (bjerring@canarie.ca)
  4. Internet 1996 World Exposition
    Carl Malamud, Internet Multicasting Service, USA (carl@radio.com)
  5. Closing Remarks
    Eric Schmidt (schmidt@eng.sun.com)

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