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Abstract -- Daiichi Advanced Home Shopping Structure on the Internet Commercial and Business Aspects Track
C1: The Internet for Business

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Daiichi Advanced Home Shopping Structure on the Internet

Matsumoto, Toshifumi ( matsumoto@spin.ad.jp)
Senoo, Yoshitaka ( senoo@daiichi.co.jp)


This is the joint business with AT&T Jens and Daiichi Corp. doing the business on the Internet and the first business case in Japan. AT&T Jens is a joint company of AT&T and 22 Japanese major companies(such as IBJ,KDD etc) and the first commercial Internet provider in Japan. "SPIN NET" is the service name. Daiichi Corp. is one of the largest consumer electric retailer with 300 stores in Japan and they are the first company having strategy doing business on the Internet. Daiichi Corp. has also CATV netwark as their subsidiary.

This home shopping business has been started from Jan. 1994 jointed with Stanford Publication Inc.(Mr. Sugimoto is the president) selling foreign books on the Internet. This business is very successful because of the following reasons;

Now this system is being expanding as Title. "Daiichi Advanced Home shopping Structure" is planned to expand the following items;