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"Tourism Promotion Using the World Wide Web"
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05/29/95: from Daniel Connors/Circle Island Company (cic@lava.net)
Welcome in advance to all of you coming to Waikiki next
month. Circle Island Company maintains a Hawaii web site,
"CIRCLE ISLAND HAWAII", http://www.lava.net:80/~cic. If we
can be of assistance to any of you on your way here or while
in Hawaii, please email or call. It's our pleasure to
assist. Have a pleasant journey!
Daniel Connors
Circle Island Company

04/28/95: from Peter de Blanc (pdeblanc@usvi.net)
Greetings: I'm looking forward to your presentation, and the opportunity to exchange ideas. The U.S. Virgin Islands is just getting started in this field of endeavor. We have a FreeNet here since September 1984, and are looking to augment our tourist industry via e-mail from FreeNet users, one on one to potential tourists. Have a look at our (budding) web site at http://www.usvi.net/ I'll be presenting a paper at INET95 in the regional track. Hope to meet you there.

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