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"Common Ground: Community Networks as Catalysts"
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07/17/95: from Irv Thomas (irvthom@u.washington.edu)
I just wanted to thank you for your paper and the excellent work you are doing, in the furtherance of a functional community usage of Internet resources. The problem is always, these days, one of sheer overload. Even as to this present information, I must skim through all of it, searching for what is relevant to me...and then deciding quickly (and space-consciously) how to best use it. With always the urgency to move on...on... I merely trust that the grist will offer up -- perhaps by sheer serendipity, as you note -- the useful jewels.
Being a senior online, myself (age 68), I would appreciate being in touch with those who are developing home-pages of their own, as that is my next project. Good luck to you all. ....Irv

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