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Selling DE-NIC services to the end user

The IV-DENIC recognised the need for a framework to sell DE-NIC services directly instead of requiring membership of the IV-DENIC.

A model was developed in 1994, which allowed the selling of DE-NIC services directly.

Customers can aquire DE-NIC service points in certain quantities:

Quantity Price

1 point 8 DM

10 points 80 DM

50 points 390 DM

100 points 760 DM

250 points 1800 DM

500 points 3330 DM

1000 points 6000 DM

For these points, DE-NIC services can be aquired:

Service Cost

NET-C 15 points

NET-SMALL 30 points

NET-LARGE 70 points

NET-AB 70 points

UPD-NET 10 points

RES-DOM 10 points

REG-MX 25 points

REG-CNAME 25 points

REG-NS 70 points

CONT-RES 10 points

CONT-MX 10 points

CONT-CNAME 10 points

CONT-NS 70 points

where the services are:

NET-C Request for one class C

NET-SMALL Request for up to 31 class C

NET-LARGE Request for 32 or more class C

NET-AB Request for a class A or class B equivalent

UPD-NET Update of network information

RES-DOM Reservation of a domain

REG-MX Registration of a MX RR

REG-CNAME Registration of a CNAME RR

REG-NS Delegation of a domain to a nameserver set

CONT-RES Contiuation of a reservation

CONT-MX Continuation of registration of a MX RR

CONT-CNAME Continuation of registration of a CNAME

CONT-NS Continuation of delegation of a domain

The DE-NIC service points have to be aquired, before services can be used. They have to be paid, before they are transferred to the customer. Domain objects are deleted after one year, unless a continuation is requested and paid. All of this eliminates the need for an expensive tracking of bills and payments.

An implementation of this model is expected to be effective in QII 1995.

Currently, it is under evaluation how electronic cash or electronic vouchers can simplify the handling of the service points.

Andreas Schachtner
Fri Apr 28 15:28:39 MET DST 1995