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A mixed model, serving everyone

With the funding by the IV-DENIC and a direct selling of services, two models have been developed, which serve different communities.

The model of joining the service provider club is quite attractive for established service providers, who exercise certain influence on the policies of the Internet in Germany.

The model of direct selling of services is attractive for end users, who need a DE-NIC service once and never again or to start up service providers, who want to pay for DE-NIC services on a shoestring just on demand.

The pricing of DE-NIC service points is aligned in a way, that service providers get an incentive to join the IV-DENIC if they grow larger.

If certain services are bought from the IV-DENIC directly and a service provider accepts responsibility for those objects later on, continuation and updates of information are no longer paid directly, but measured as workload imposed by this service provider and accounted that way. This applies as well to objects, a new service provider brings in into a joining in the IV-DENIC.

Andreas Schachtner
Fri Apr 28 15:28:39 MET DST 1995