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The DE-NIC commission

One of the first things done by the new organisation DIGI was installing a group for pushing the DE-NIC case and developing models of financing the DE-NIC in the long term.

The so called DE-NIC commission was designed to put together the major players in the field of German NIC services. This includes the Internet service providers (DFN, EUnet and XLINK), DIGI itself, representatives of the DE-NIC, and academic and commercial users.

The DE-NIC commission took a pragmatic approach as how to accomplish the goal.

In particular, it defined

The DE-NIC commission delivered a sound work according to these goals.

It lacked a broad support of the service providers. By the reactions of several of the service providers, it became evident, that no DE-NIC securing model could be adpoted without consense of all service providers.

Andreas Schachtner
Fri Apr 28 15:28:39 MET DST 1995