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Abstract -- Real Use of the SuperJanet High Speed Multiservice Network Network and Application Engineering Track
N6: High Speed Wide Area Networks

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Real Use of the SuperJanet High Speed Multiservice Network

Dyer, John ( John.Dyer@ukerna.ac.uk)


SuperJANET is the UK Academic Community national multiservice network, providing high bandwidth connectivity between researchers both within the UK and the rest of the world.

SuperJANET is a natural progression from the JANET X.25 and later JANET IP service and provides the infrastructure to deliver both highbandwidth data services and full screen realtime audio visual services.

The is an ATM component of SuperJANET that has been delivering the audio video service to 14 sites nationally for well over 12 months and is currently being used for routine meetings, user groups and teaching of subjects like surgery. The system is fast becomming the preferrd method od meeting for many groups. The facility is currenty carried over 34 Mbps PDH circuits, but 155 Mbps SDH lines have been installed and migration will take place during 1Q94.

The paper will report the technical aspects of the infrastructure and give a detailed description of some of the many applications using the network.

The paper will mention our experiences with the use of cbr and vbr traffic running concurrently over the same network connections, which as not with problem.

It is also planned to focus on the application "The teachning of Surgery" which has become adopted as part of the national clinical training programme for student clinicians in the UK.