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"Artists on the Internet"
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06/28/95: from Lile Elam (lile@art.net)
Lots of artists are also helping one another come up on
the Internet and the web.
One site that specializes in this is "Art on the Net"
(http://www.art.net) which is a web server that is owned,
run and supported by artists. Artists curate and maintain
their own studio and gallery rooms there which is great
as they are then able to present their own works. It adds a
whole new dimension to their art.
I am an artist and have been participating in art projects
on the Internet since 1992 and it's been great. OTIS is
a internet based artist group and we create art together
on the Internet through collaborations and online, interactive
sessions. (see http://sunsite.unc.edu/otis).
Artists are pushing the boundries of the web and technology.
It's alot of fun. :) And I am glad that I am a artist and
am part of it all.
(a webmaster@art.net)

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