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"Publishing Models for Internet Commerce"
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07/17/95: from Irv Thomas (irvthom@u.washington.edu)
Just wanted to thank you for your paper, as it is directly relevent to personal concerns. I have written and self-published (in a very small edition), and find no interest in the marketing community for my work, though it has received an excellent response from those who have had the chance to read it. My perception from this is that unless you either 1) 'belong to the club'...have a published track record or know some of the right people, or b) are willing to assume the frustrations of a first-timers search, in what amounts to a hall of mirrors, you may as well forget about being taken on by a trade publisher. Hence, I turn to the possibilities on the WWW, which I find are promising and immense. So your paper is of obvious significance to me.

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