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"Construct Computerized Campus to Lay the NII Foundation"
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05/09/95: from Dave Thomas (dave@mathfs.math.montana.edu)
Interesting paper. I was an invited speaker at the 7th Conference
on Computer-Assisted Instruction, Taipei, May 27, 1993. I also
gave a lecture at Tainan National University. I would like to
renew my contacts there via email. Do you know when they will
get Internet access or if it is available now? Thanks.
My paper is found in section D6.
Reply: (by 097)
Dear Dave Thomas,
I'm sorry for reply late.
I can't find the 'Tainan National University' in Taiwan.
Maybe what you indicate is National Cheng Kung University
which is the only one University in Tainan.
National Cheng Kung University has been connect to
Internet via TANet since five years ago. And is one of
Reginal Network Centers of TANet.
You can e-mail to srtsai@cs.ncku.edu.tw for further
Hope this help!
Yu-Hsuan Chen
(also Erin Chen)

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