Traffic classes in this sense are characterized by resource requests for a certain amount of bandwidth and QoS.

Variable Bit Rate Service (VBR), Constant Bit Rate Service (CBR). Available Bit Rate Service (ABR) in development. See [2] and [3]

General DataCom

desirable: all

Problems specific to switch architectures are not considered in this work.

An example element of set 1 is the parameter 9#9

E.g. manipulate allocated resources of existing connections. The configuration parameter 'allocated resources' is thereby an example set-2-parameter

E.g. number of call rejections

E.g. call rejection appeared

'Usual' will here be estimated with average values. It is of course possible to work with maximum values as well.

Active thereby means: 'Currently transporting cells'.

The distinction between active and configured connections is necessary, as 'configured' does not necessarily imply 'active'.

The HD012 was a project to evaluate technologies for wide area networks. The project was conducted by the Regional Computing Center (RRZE) of the University Erlangen-Nuernberg and funded by the DFN (German Research Network) with means of the German Government.

Now General DataCom

Regional Testbed project. Funded by the DFN association with means of the German government. Compare presentation of Peter Kaufmann, track N6, "The Implementation of a High Speed Network for the DFN Community".

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