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The SANET Network: Further Evolution

Gajdos, Peter ( gajdos@uakom.sk)


A short overview of wide area networking in Slovakia is mentioned firstly. Currently there are three WAN networks with "public" services in Slovakia. You can reach Internet from two of the networks, and they are academically based. One is a purely commercial public data network. The most stable one is the Slovak Academic Network (SANET), which is the association of data network users. It arose after the splitting of Czechoslovakia into the Czech and Slovak Republics on Jan 1, 1993. The Federal Educational and Scientific Network (FESNET) was divided between the czech network (CESNET) and the slovak network (SANET). SANET has been topologically and organizationally integrated into the European networking structure.

We had users only from the academic area, government, and nonprofit organizations in 1993. Currently we also have plenty of commercial users who pay for services used. Over the time of existence, the SANET organizational structure was built, which is also described. In this paper is also a description of the association's management teams and theirs tasks.

The paper also describes the network topological structure covering the country of Slovakia, line speeds both on the backbone and outside the backbone, and international links. All the information is presented with easy to read maps. Together with the topological information, the paper includes descriptions of all our nodes, in which institutions they are situated, and which other organizations are connected in this region.

The paper's next part describes networking technology used. First of all the links are described and the method of their attachment, routers used, and node computers. Description of the SANET services for its users is also presented together with methods of user attachment. In this is also a description of all services provided through the Internet connectivity, from e-mail through gopher, www to X.500 directory services, and ways of providing such services in the SANET environment. The topological services distribution is drawn in the map together with the scheme, i.e. which node and which services provided. It's possible to find concreete host addresses here too.

In the next part are mentioned traffic statistics, which come from SANET's NOC, which is situated at the Institute of Automation and Communication (UAKOM) at the University of Matej Bel in Banska Bystrica.

Our plans and future horizonts are mentioned at the end of the paper, together with ways to solve some of our problems.