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"Censorship and the Internet: A Singapore Perspective"
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06/30/95: from Olivia (sbaot@technet.sg)
The talk was refreshing in its self-deprecation. However, a few points of contention:
1) Singnet has not crippled its UNIX shell account as a check with the sysadmins will reveal.
2) The inter-ministerial committee has not decided on specific actions or regulations towards Internet. It is still examining the viability of different technological methods with regards to economic, social and informational cost.
This is the job of the Technical Working Group which is tasked to review and study these methods and their possible implications.
The basic policy standpoint is to maintain Singapore's moral values -- that undesirable materials would not be accessed by minors, particularly with the imminent wiring of all schools in Singapore. In content censorship, I am afraid that the US is one-up on Singapore in the actualisation of its Decency Bill.

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