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Abstract -- Solutions of IPng Support for Wireless-ATM Integration Network Technology Track
T4: High Performance Networking

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Solutions of IPng Support for Wireless-ATM Integration

Lu, Wai ( ddke0002@utmkl.bitnet)


One of the solutions to realize Wireless-ATM integration is to use future TCPng/IPng, which is promising in the future global networks. TCPng will be developed describing the new header fields and formats. It would contain support for broadband wireless networks. Assigning an address to TCPng would allow for the support of new multiple network layer protocol (IPng). Separating the location and routing functions will greatly increase the versatility of the Internet.

Because of the heterogeneity between wireless networks and the ATM networks, the author proposed a new implementation that will allow for any of the IPng protocols to operate on the same internet without any further modification to the higher layer protocol, while keeping the integration of wireless-ATM flexible. This paper also offers the Internet System several advantages. First, TCPng will operate over multiple network layer protocol stacks, such as IPng, ATM and WirelessNet. Future IP3g protocol stacks may be designed and deployed without major service disruptions. The increased size of the sequence, acknowledge, and window fields will allow applications to run effectively over the broadband wireless network links. And, TCPng will allow applications to specify certain Quality of Service parameters which may be used by ATM.

According to the network service, the author also proposed a new way to implement IPng multicast as well as ATM multicast. Forwarding of IPng datagrams (or multicast datagrams ) is accomplished through Intelligent Routing information, which results from a Cooperative Parallel Expert system.