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8 Conclusion

We propose the Secure TCP as a transport layer protocol as one of the basic units to realize secure communication mechanisms in the Internet. It brings security services for data integrity and confidentiality. Moreover, it keeps connectivity (interoperability) with the classical TCP and provides a negotiation service of security service for process/process communication.

This paper discusses the design and implementation of the Secure TCP.

The current implementation running on the BSD/386 UNIX systems (on IBM PC architectures) provides approximately 1Mbps as its throughput.

This performance is not enough when we apply the Secure TCP to high speed network environment. However, it can be improved by introducing the fast cipher technologies such as DES chips or other hardware implemented ciphers, since the overhead of the encryption/decryption processes limits its performance.

Toshiyuki Tutumi
Sat Apr 29 04:12:04 GMT+0900 1995