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Abstract -- UNIBEL: Academic and Research Network of Belarus Regional Track
R6: Europe

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UNIBEL: Academic and Research Network of Belarus

Kritsky, Sergei ( kritsky@ok.minsk.by)
Ivanov, Andrey ( ivanov@ok.minsk.by)
Listopad, Nikolay ( listopad@cacedu.minsk.by)


Current status of academic and research networking in Belarus is shortly described. The UNIBEL Network is presented.

Currently the UNIBEL Network joins the most advanced universities, research institutes, government and public ogranizations dealing with science and education. UNIBEL is a result of joint efforts of these institutions and keeps tight contacts with all organizations and persons interested in developing academic and research networking in Belarus. UNIBEL is supported by Ministry of Education and Science of Republic Belarus, State Commitee of Science and Technology and Byelorussian Foundation for Fundamental Research.

UNIBEL is involved in several projects intended to develop and improve networking infrastructure in Belarus, such as:

  • "Research and Development Computer Network of the Republic of Belarus";
  • "Networking in Education: Ministry's Computer Network for Administrative Purposes";
  • "Electronic Communications in High and Secondary Schools", etc. UNIBEL Network was registered in RIPE in December 1993 and IP numbers were assigned. UNIBEL is full national member of TERENA, EARN and CEENet.

    Since the begining of December the users of UNIBEL can be provided with full Internet services. Dedicated 9.6 Kbps line Minsk-Warsaw has been established and IP-connection has been put into operation due to great assistance of Polish Academic and Research Network NASK.

    Additionaly UNIBEL has an access to Internet through EUnet/Relcom network (Moscow) and UARNET (Lvov, Ukraine) via dial-up lines.

    Dedicated line to Moscow (FREEnet) was ordered and PTT licence was obtained. In future a satellite station will be installed with assistance of Poland (NASK) and CEENet. This satellite connection will replace the dedicated line Minsk-Warsaw.