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"Data Exchange and Telecollaboration -- Technology in Support of New Models of Education"
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05/05/95: from Dr. Leon James (leon@uhunix.uhcc.hawaii.edu)
Though your focus is not exactly the same as mine, we do share
certain interests, namely, how to manage data collection by
a virtual learning community. I'd be interested in your
evaluation of my experiment in paper 205 (section D7) (same
as yours, I believe). Though I have not achieved this so
far, my goal is to create a Generational Superdocument that
is used and created by students, semester after semester. It
could be a model for all sorts of cybercommunities. The data
I deal with consists of "self-witnessing" reports on various
topics such as health behaviors, traffic psychology, etc. Let
me know if you see a connection with your work!

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