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Abstract -- Jordan's National Information System Regional Track
R8: Middle East/North Africa

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Jordan's National Information System

Nusseir, Yousef ( j_nic@ritsec.com.eg)


Information is considered an important national resource that enhances the development process in society. Computerized information systems are the main component for socio-economic development especially when coupled with appropriate communications infrastructure that facilitates accessablility through networks. Hence coordination and organization of information at the national level is essential, together with regional and international connectivity for information exchange.

Towards this end Jordan has embarked on an ambitious project to establish a national information system (NIS) which aims at developing information sources at the national level and setting up networks linking information generating and collecting centres. Thus, ensuring the flow of information to users in both the public and the private sectors in the Jordanian community.

This effort entails several important and major tasks which include the development of information centres, establishment of information networks, employment of unified standards, and procedures, manpower development, improving information services. This is directly related to the availability and establishment of appropriate communication infrastructure.

Furthermore, within the framework of highly talked about information highways, interconnectivity at the regional and international levels is essential. hence, the importance of the Internet. Appropriate measures are underway in this regard, facilitating e-mail, ftp, and other information services.

This paper will outline the concepts of (NIS) and the strategy for implementation with an overview of the achievements so far, together with an overview of the connectivity and communication infrastructure in Jordan.