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Abstract -- Network Skills in a Networked Information World: The Latest Tips and Tools Network and Application Engineering Track
N7: Network Information Centers

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Network Skills in a Networked Information World: The Latest Tips and Tools

Calcari, Susan ( susanc@internic.net)


As the Info Scout I search the Internet for the most valuable resources and tools and summarize my findings each week in the freely distributed Scout Report. This presentation will include what I've found this year: the best and most current network tools and resources and how to use them effectively; online, live demonstrations of tools and resources; and tips for the most efficient ways to stay current in this fast-moving environment.

Specific topics will include network navigators, information retrieval tools, directed searching techniques for locating resources on specific topics, and the links between tools. A "canned demo" will be prepared in advance and will serve as a back-up to the online demonstration in the advent of network connectivity problems. Finally, pointers on where and how to stay current on the most advanced methods of using networked information most productively will be provided.

It is often felt that the Internet is "unorganized" and that it is difficult to find resources related to specific topics. Several research efforts are under way, and loose collaborations are forming between network engineers, interface designers, and information providers to study the possibilities of an overall Internet information architecture. The end of the presentation will include a brief summary of several current projects in terms of their prospects for making the 'Net easier to use.

Attendees will be anyone who wants to use the Internet effectively and be aware of the best and newest resources, but doesn't have time to spend hours each day "cruising" the 'Net. They will leave the presentation with dozens of tips and Internet addresses for the tools and resources that have the most to offer at the time of the conference. They will also leave with tips on the most efficient ways to stay current on the best of the Internet on an ongoing basis.