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Abstract -- STARNET/IP : A Commercial Approach to Internet Regional Track
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STARNET/IP : A Commercial Approach to Internet

Torres, Eduardo Jose ( torrese@infomail.infonet.com)


During the last " IV Latin-American Academic Forum" in Buenos Aires STARTEL S.A. announced an IP connectivity solution to its public frame relay network, STARNET. The main objective STARTEL4s announce is to provide a commercial internet service to the global Argentine marketplace, while offering a connectivity solution to the existent academic networks.

STARTEL is a telecommunication service provider that was born in 1990 as a result of the privatization process of the national telephone companies formed by TELEFONICA DE ARGENTINA S.A. y TELECOM ARGENTINA S.A.. As a result of the conversion into the private sector, STARTEL is created to offer global solutions to the needs of data communications national marketplace in competition.

From its first day, STARTEL had a general commitment to offer value added services to all its clients, offering Paging Systems, Trunking Services, Videconference, Electronic Data Interchange, Electronic Messaging X.400 and finally Internet.

Human resources is one of the most important assets of STARTEL, where highly qualified personnel is available to support all the customers needs around the clock and throughout the whole country.

As of today, the reach of Internet in Argentina is a privilege of some Universities, who acting as separate networks , reached an international connection to SURAnet. STARTEL4s purpose is to promote a joint effort of the commercial and academic world , offering different solutions sharing the same idea , GLOBAL ACCESS TO INTERNET FOR EVERYBODY.

For the academic sector, we offer a interconectivity solution across the nation ,so the national resources can be used by all. For the commercial sector, STARTEL offers a complete range of Internet services from electronic mail, FTP services, Gopher and WWW access, to an easy IP registration at the InterNIC.

The topology of the network integrates an IP solution based on points of presence (POP) throughout the country . These POP are interconnected to the frame relay public network with a combination of Cisco routers, terminal servers, and modems supporting V.34 technology and multiprotcol translation.

The installation of the POP is set to be done gradually. starting 1st of March , 1995 in the main developed centers of the country an moving rapidly to other less developed points.