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Abstract -- The Internet and K-12 Mathematics and Science Reform Education Track
D6: New Concepts of Learning

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The Internet and K-12 Mathematics and Science Reform

Thomas, David ( dave@mathfs.math.montana.edu)
Stevenson, Stephanie ( stevens@mail.firn.edu)


The reform of K-12 mathematics and science education is now recognized in many countries as a vital national interest linked to economic competitiveness, national security, environmental concerns and many other issues. As timely as this interest might appear, change itself comes slowly in education, often involving years of planning, curriculum development, teacher training, legal battles, and bickering over budgets. Old solutions will not fix this problem.

Until recently, the Internet and its vast information and human resources have been dedicated to supporting research and development activities at the graduate level, in the national laboratories and in corporate research laboratories. The rewards of this investment are now widely understood and appreciated. Less is known about HPCC projects currrently underway in K-12 education. The good news is that wonderful things are happening, albeit on a small scale. This paper will highlight a number of ongoing projects, present the needs of K-12 mathematics and science education from the teachers' perspective, and advocate a collaborative approach to K-12 educational reform involving the HPCC and telecommunications communities as stake holders and partners.