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"Networking Efforts in the Maghreb Region"
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06/22/95: from Michael Ivy (cityhall@mimesys.iunet.it)
I am pleasantly surprised to see that Algeria is connected to the Internet. I would like to be able to correspond with people there, especially in my former home town, Annaba.
Kind regards from Michael Ivy.

06/17/95: from ali bougouba (none yet)
sounds like a wonderful idea . maybe we will move out of the abyss.

ali bougouba

06/02/95: from Djanina Chaba (DjaninaX_Chaba@ccm.hf.intel.com)
I'm 22. My parents are coming from Algeria (Ksar-el-Boukhari/Medea).
I'm borned in France and had very few contacts with my all family
living on the other side of the see. But still, I always felt
how the young people there really enjoy studies and a lot of my cousins (girls most part of the time) studied very technical things at very high levels.
Network would be such a great thing for those people you would like to communicate with the world and to share in an intelligent way their experiences
and know-how. Internet would give the students in Maghreb the opportunity to open doors and show that they belong to the world and the worldwide knowledges too.
As for Algerians, Internet would let the students keep on studying and would give them back the right to express themselves (sometimes it's there even impossible to get
a phone connection) and the right to inform themselves. Internet it's the way that the intelligent people have to use to fight against ignorance, intolerance and fanatism.
I would like to support the Networking Efforts in the Maghreb, but I don't know what to do. I'm living in Munich (Germany) and working at Intel. The only thing I could do it's to get some
contacts, informations...
In the name of my family in Algeria and my all friends allround Maghreb, thank you.
Kind regards. Djanina Chaba

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