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Measured interference of network security mechanisms with network performance

Hans-Werner Braun <>
Kimberly Claffy <>
Andrew Gross <>


Since starting to use Kerberos [1], which provides the option to encrypt rlogin sessions at the application layer, we noticed that using encryption caused a severe performance impact across dial-up lines, e.g., a 14.4kbps line using PPP with modem compression of data.

We took measurements and verified the source of the problem as a non-synergistic interaction between the application, transport, and lower network layers. We modified the Kerberized rlogin ( klogin) to accommodate this situation, and will make the modifications publicly available. Since normal ascii text data is quite compressible, this modification could become important for ubiquitous low speed access.

k claffy
Sat Apr 29 09:10:26 PDT 1995