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Abstract -- Blazing a Path to the Internet Education Track
D8: Professional Development and Training

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Blazing a Path to the Internet

Joseph, Linda C. ( ljoseph@magnus.acs.ohio-state.edu)


Trailblazers, pathfinders, explorers are words that conjure up visions of individuals who venture into unknown territory and lead others to it. With the increased visibility of the Information Superhighway, educators are clamoring for training in how to navigate and harness this vast resource.

Developing an infrastructure for staff development is essential for integration of information access skills into the school curriculum. A school or district model for teaching Internet skills needs to include instructional design, facility development, hands-on workshops, follow-up training, and evaluation. By using these basic concepts, you can begin to change the way information is presented to students in the classroom. The teacher becomes a facilitator and students are empowered to be active, engaging learners.

During this computer generated slide presenation, participants will learn how to set up a training program, including instructional and facility design, costs, and daily agendas for hands-on workshops.