This research is supported by a grant from the National Science Foundation (NCR-9119473). Reprinted with permission from the National Academy of Sciences.

See http://www.merit.edu for more information on the NSFNET transition.

Specifically, NSF-sponsored regional providers, i.e., those who received funding from the NSF throughout the life of the NSFNET, will only continue to receive funding if they connect to all three NSF NAPs. Even so, the funding will gradually diminish within 4 years, an interval of time in which regional providers will have to become fully self-sustaining within the marketplace.

North American Network Operators Group; International Engineering and Planning Group, Federal Engineering and Planning Group, Engineering and Operations Working Group; Federal Association of Regional Networks.

For various definitions of connection.

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Simple Network Management Protocol

The software we used is available at ftp://ftp.sdsc.edu/pub/sdsc/anr/software/Flows.tar.Z.

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