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Abstract -- Self-Determination in the Information Age Regional Track
R4: Pacific

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Self-Determination in the Information Age

Crawford, Scott P. ( exec@hawaii-nation.org)
Crawford, Kekula P. B. ( kekula@hawaii-nation.org)


The swiftly evolving information and communication technologies and networking infrastructures are playing an expanding role in supporting the self-determination of peoples and emergent nations.

Internally, access to information and facilitation of communication provides new and enhanced opportunities for participation in the process of self-determination, with the potential to accelerate political, economic, social, educational and cultural advancement beyond the scope of traditional institutions and forms of governance.

Externally, regional and global information networks expand the voice of emergent nations and peoples with electronic forums to focus international attention and support toward specific self-determination issues and efforts.

This paper assesses the current trends and resources in this area, with examples of successful utilization of communications models and technologies for direct peaceful empowerment of peoples, particularly indigenous peoples. It also touches on the issue of internet domain names for peoples and nations in the process of self-determination.

Finally, we examine the potential for Hawaii to play a distinctly important role in the transition to the information age, including serving as an initial example of a launch point or hub of networks, links, and resources to model and facilitate this development process, and to serve as the host to a new virtual gathering of self-determined nations and peoples allied for a secure and sustainable future.