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Abstract -- The Global Health Network Users Track
U3: Public Health and Medicine

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The Global Health Network

LaPorte, Ronald ( rlaporte@vms.cis.pitt.edu)


Most of public health is information transfer. The new systems of public health improve information transfer 1000 fold, therefore there should be a dramatic increase in health as a result of the new systems of telecommuniciton. Much of the telecommunication systems are low band width and relatively inexpensive. We have started a grass- roots effort to establish a global health network. This network is designed to 1) develop connectivity world wide amoung public health workers, 2) us the system as a backbone for monitoring disease 3) establishemnt of a global health network university, a meta university of health, 4) Interconnect health related non-governmetn organizations, 5) establish a global health informaiton serve designed to take the place of biomedical pulications, and 6) develop a group of individuals trained both in public health and telecommunications; cyber-docs, who would be especially helpful at times of disasters. The Global Health Network is rapidly evolving, and gaining more and people.