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Abstract -- A Transformation of Learning: Use of the NII for Education and Lifelong Learning Education Track
D2: Internetworking and Educational Reform

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A Transformation of Learning: Use of the NII for Education and Lifelong Learning

Bracey, Bonnie ( bbracey@aol.com)


For over a year the members of the National Information Infrastructure Advisory Council have worked together to create a framework that will enable us to reach consensus and make recommendations on many issues related to the development and deployment of the National Information Infrastructure(NII).

To date we have organized our activities into three Mega-Projects:

Visions and Goals for the NII;
Access to the NII: and
Privacy, Security and Intellectual Property and the NII.
We have developed a set of fundamental practices in five critical NII areas:
universal access and services
privacy and security
intellectual property
education and lifelong learning , and
electronic commerce.
We consider that the common ground is the fundamental principles of the NII. These principals cut across industries; bridge the gap between state, local, and federal governments; address the needs of pubic interest, education ,labor and community groups, and reflect the knowledge and experience of experts in NII-related fields.

The principles are intended to provide a foundation for the continuing work of the Council and to facilitate debate and discussion with NII stakeholders, the general public and outside experts. Though I will speak to and address the educational principles, there will be provide the text of all the principles in our document for the participants of this conference so that you , as NII users and stakeholders will be able to participate in our outreach by providing us feedback and advice regarding the document.