Lessons Learned During the 1994 Sharing NASA Program

A White Paper by the NASA K12 Internet Project

Marc Siegel and Steven Hodas


November, 1994


This paper is intended for people who are interested in operating online interactive projects which connect working professionals with students and teachers to facilitate learning and exploration. It discusses two test projects mounted by NASAs K12 Internet Initiative which connected K12 students and teachers with science and engineering professionals over the Internet. Projects of this type are particularly important because they embody the kind of reformed science learning enunciated by the National Science Teachers Association and Goals 2000. Descriptions of the project specifics will be shared along with lessons learned and ideas for the future.

In general, our experience showed that interactive online projects were generally well received by all participants. Nevertheless, project management procedures and software need to be further refined in order to minimize the burden on participants and ensure the most enjoyable experience for everyone involved.

Table of contents

Section 1: Introduction

Who we are
Why we do these projects and why they're important for schools

Section 2: General Description of interactive projects

What they try to achieve
Components: youngsters/teachers; experts; project organizers
Examples of different real or hypothetical interactive projects.

Section 3: Description of Live From..Other Worlds

Organization, project flow, impact on participants

Section 4: Description of FOSTER Online

Organization, flow procedures, impact on participants

Section 5: Lessons learned

Section 6: Future direction

Appendices with Project Details

Appendix A: Live From...Other Worlds

Appendix B: FOSTER Online

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