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Abstract -- Common Knowledge: Pittsburgh Education Track
D2: Internetworking and Educational Reform

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Common Knowledge: Pittsburgh

Carlitz, Robert D. ( rdc@vms.cis.pitt.edu)
Zinga, Mario ( zinga@pps.pgh.pa.us)


Common Knowledge: Pittsburgh is a collaboration of the Pittsburgh Public Schools, the University of Pittsburgh and the Pittsburgh Supercomputing Center. The project seeks to develop new environments for teaching and learning using the technology of wide area computer networks. The project's focus spans the entire school district, with an emphasis upon curricular applications of the technology, a constructivist approach to implementation at all levels and a goal of institutionalizing the use of networking technology across the school district. These broad aims have enabled the project to learn something of the dynamic of organizations undergoing significant change and to develop technological solutions appropriate to the school environment. The lessons of this project should be widely applicable to other school districts. Both the technology of Common Knowledge: Pittsburgh and its methodology have applications beyond the school environment, and efforts are under way to extend the project's scope to a broader community focus.