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Abstract -- Scaling the Internet Up (Panel) Network and Application Engineering Track
N4: Scaling the Internet Up - Panel

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Scaling the Internet Up (Panel)

Gross, Phil ( 6423401@mcimail.com)
Li, Tony
Bradner, Scott
Harvard University
Rekhter, Yakov


Beginning as early as five years ago, with a report at the Vancouver IETF, we have realized that the growing popularity of the Internet put us in danger of exhausting the relatively small IP address space. Since then, this awareness has focused the Internet community. There's been new technology with BGP4, CIDR, and IPng. And, there's been considerable policy changes in the way that addresses are assigned and administered.

How are these measures working? Are there still reasons for concern? Will IPng be ready in time? Indeed, is IPng the only answer? Are there other technologies or policies that would also help? And, how does this issue impact Internet service providers and the other growing industries in the new commercial Internet environment?

This panel will present the latest growth data and will discuss how both technology and policies impact this issue. Audience feedback on this important topic will be important, so come prepared to air your views. The panel contains the IETF CIDR Deployment WG chair, 2 IAB members, and an IESG member; and the Stockholm IETF will be less than a month away!