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Abstract -- GII and its Relationship to the Internet (Panel) Policy Track
P1: GII and its Relationship to the Internet - Panel

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GII and its Relationship to the Internet (Panel)

Kuo, Frank ( kuo@ai.sri.com)
Kahn, Robert ( rkahn@cnri.reston.va.us)
Kumon, Shumpei ( shumpei@glocom.ac.jp)
Baser, Robert ( BaserR@cp.ic.gc.ca)
Bjerring, Andrew ( bjerring@canarie.ca)


The Global Information Infrastructure (GII) is a concept first advanced by Vice President Al Gore at the ITU World Telecommunication Development Conference in Buenos Aires in March 1994. Gore's idea of a GII is a globally linked information marketplace. As recently enunciated in a February 95 meeting of the G7 Nations in Brussels,

"The GII will be composed of interconnected national, regional, and international networks. As an evolving networks of networks, the GII will encompass a broad range of technology and products, information of all forms, the standards and interfaces that make the networks interoperable, the measures and technologies that will make them more secure and reliable, and most importantly, the people who will create and use the GII"

Currently the GII plans are being formulated by high level government and industry leaders from the G7 group of nations. How the gloabl Internet plays a role in the GII remains to be defined.

In this panel discussion, a distinguished group of international panelists will disucss the following issues:

  1. What is the GII?
  2. How the Internet related to the GII?
  3. What kind of technologies and investments are needed to foster the GII?
  4. What kind of social, economic and educational benefits might accrue from the GII?
  5. What should the roles of governments and industries be in the development of the GII?
  6. What are the perspectives of the G7 nations on the GII?
  7. How do third world nations view the GII?
  8. Is the GII needed at all?
  9. Without the GII initiative, wouldn't the current Internet grow and eventually become the GII anyway?
These and other issues will be discussed