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"GII and its Relationship to the Internet (Panel)"
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06/29/95: from Olivia Tay (sbaot@technet.sg)
As a regulator, I am particularly interested in the policy/regulatory issues which were glossed over in favour of the hardware problems facing the GII.
Also, on the issue of funding, although it seems cost-effective to build upon existing projects and initiatives by the commercial, independent companies, the "pulling" together of the NIIs would still require some funding. How is the G7 splitting the costs and how is this being extended to other nations outside the G7 sphere?

06/12/95: from Adam Peake (ajp@glocom.ac.jp)
Dr. Kumon has written a number of articles about the GII,
people considering joining this session might like to see:
Japanese Perspective on the Significance of the Information
Revolution (address to the US-Japan telecommunications
roundtable, Washington, November 21- 22, 1994)
The GII Initiative: Its Significance and the Challenges
for Japan
Other papers that might be of interest:
Japan's Internet Year One
A Multicultural Look at Multimedia (Educom Review)
Informatization and Internationalization
Interview (describes The Cenetr for Glbal Communications,
Kumon is Director)

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