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Abstract -- Networked Information Discovery and Retrieval Technologies (Panel) Users Track
U5: Networked Information Discovery and Retrieval - Panel

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Networked Information Discovery and Retrieval Technologies (Panel)

Lynch, Cliff ( clifford.lynch@ucop.edu)
Michelson, Avra ( avram@mitre.org)
Preston, Cecilia ( cpreston@info.berkeley.edu)
Summerhill, Craig ( craig@cni.org)


The panelists are collaborating on a Coalition for Networked Information (CNI) initiative to prepare a white paper that examines problems associated with identifying, selecting, and retrieving information in widely distributed heterogenerous environments. This session will include a report on research that explores architectural issues related to improving nidr, particularly as they pertain to metadata used in conjunction with nidr tools. The panelists will explore the role of metadata in improving nidr and discuss the elements beyond metadata that are needed to achieve a more robust nidr. They also will report on the outcome of an effort to cross-map metadata across many domains into a generic element set and the implications of this effort for the development of URC's and other core element sets such as the one that resulted from the OCLC/NCSA Metadata Conference.