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INET'95 : From Conference Chair (L1-1) INET'95 : From Conference Chair (L1-1)


From the Conference Chair

Schmidt, Eric
Conference Chair, INET '95, Sun Microsystems

Abstract voice by computer

As network users, developers, planners and researchers, it is truly a momentous time for all of us concerned with the global network's future. There is a lot of work to be done, especially for our world-wide neighbors who are currently working to set their infrastructure in place. That's why INET '95 concerns itself with the global infrastructure, giving everyone the tools for access to the network and making decisions that will affect the fate of the Internet.

This year in particular INET '95 has gathered many of the individuals who will lead us into the next century and into the next evels of achievement for the Internet. In this year of rapid change and influence, the quality of the conference and participants is unsurpassed, providing a wonderful opportunity to learn and to meet so many of our esteemed colleagues.

My thanks to all members of the conference committee, the staff at ISOC, the sponsors and everyone who has worked so hard to make INET'95 a reality.

Eric Schmidt
Conference Chair, INET '95
Sun Microsystems